NEW! CBD Therapeutic Massage 60/90 Minutes


Ideal for arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains and other acute or chronic muscle and joint ailments. Top of the industry heavily concentrated CBD oils and creams are used in conjunction with classic therapeutic and deep tissue techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage 60/90 Minutes

($90.00/ $125.00)

Targets problem areas, chronic issues, and dysfunctions within the deep musculature of the body.

Swedish Massage 60/90 Minutes


Utilizes an effleurage style based massage to work the body’s more superficial muscle and soft tissue layers, increasing circulation while decreasing blood pressure, and promoting relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage 60/90


All the beneficial elements of a therapeutic massage with the added pampering of the soothing warmth of basalt stones.

Prenatal Massage 60/90 Minutes


We zero in on the aches associated with the months preceding a pregnancy. As the body is undergoing rapid changes it is important to aid tension zones and reduce overall stress for both mom and baby. Can be received at any time during pregnancy.

Couples Massage 60/90 Minutes


Something you can do together that you both actually need AND want! Therapeutic style of massage de-stresses the mind and unwinds achey muscles. Your partner will thank you.



This ancient eastern style of massage is performed with clothes on and on floor mats. Compression techniques, accupressure points and stretches alleviate stagnant energy in the various body meridians.

Lymphatic Massage 60/90 Minutes


A gentle style of massage that works to decrease lymphedema symptoms in the extremities as well as stimulate the general lymphatic and sinus pathways.

Two Hour Totality Massage 120 Minutes


Need to just zone out for a while? This two hour massage utilizies therapeutic massage tecniques to work over the entire body and leave you feeling like a new human.