Body Treatments/ Esthetics

Detoxifying Mud Wrap ($90.00)

Specialty muds loaded with trace minerals and iron go to work detoxifying the skin, hydration, slimming and firming all while warmly cocooned in blissful heat. A perfect way to destress and detox at the same time.

Sun Soother Body Treatment ($85.00)

Burnt out? Effleurage techniques gently nourish the skin with cucumber, aloe and coconut oil to help an agitated sunburnt body be brought back to a happy state.

Sun Soother Facial ($85.00)

Suns ray got you feeling extra red? A special blend of aloe, cucumber and coconut based products help reduce inflammation and sun damage.

Aroma Dry Brushing ($85.00)

Be immersed in delightful scents that will calm the body and mind as dry brushing techniques work to stimulate a sluggish lymphatic system. Great for general wellness, skin health as well as addressing cellulite and other unruly layers of the dermis.